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Hey how’s all the other Bitcoin Lovers doing…

I’ve been pretty busy lately so sorry for not being able to write more about Bitcoin and how better to wrap your head around everything that’s going on. But anyway…..

I’ve been working on compiling as many sites with information on getting FREE Bitcoin….

If anyone knows other sites to source free Bitcoin and other cyptos please comment below and share the wealth with all of us.

I was searching around on google last night and pretty far down the pages I came across a page that said FreeBitcoin.SALE

I’m thinking that sounds like a pretty awesome name for a page so I click on it…..I wasn’t expecting much but basically they were offering to give you a physical Bitcoin Coin like the actual coin. Not the cryptocurrency.

Even though it was a novelty I thought it was still good.

The only catch was you have to pay shipping of $8.95 to get your “Free” coin and I was a little put off by it but then I kept reading down the page a little further…….then it said Free shipping if you spend $50 or something like that.

I proceeded to shop all the Bitcoin Blockchain Litecoin Cryptocurrency merchandise I could.

They actually had some pretty cool T-Shirts and Hoodies with various cryptocurrency stuff and other Blockchain stuff…..

I noticed they have an Antminer S9 for sale but it seems way too expensive other wise it’s just me and the cost of Bitcoin Mining equipment just keeps going up as demand rises.

Go check out the free Bitcoin giveaway….as far as I know they still have them.

I should be back on more later this week. I’m working on some product reviews and hope to have those ready for all the other Litecoin lovers out there…..

If any one has any ICOs they think we need to be watching please leave it in the comments below…..

Hopefully you are all making lots of money off this dip. But remember I’m not a financial adviser and I’m not telling you want to do or what cryptocurrency to buy or purchase if any at all.

That chose is up to you and you alone. Until next time, good luck solving those blockchains.

If anyone has any questions about anything related to BTC please leave it in the comments below… you believe it or not I do read all the comments and will get back to each and every one.

We will get into this and a whole lot more in my next post.

Thank you.

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  1. Bitcoin For Dummies Post author

    Was just checking the market…..great day to buy the dip or what? Also noticed the site giving away bitcoin coins got shut down for some reason. Anyway I already got mine so I’m good.


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